Office of City Treasurer

Colleen Redpath Feger - Treasurer, Springfield Illinois


All parking tickets are issued by the Office of Public Works and the Springfield Police Department. The City Treasurer is the administrator of parking violation hearings.

The Treasurers Office Fines Division is responsible for administering, collecting, and processing parking ticket fines.

Paying Parking Tickets

Paying parking tickets is now easier! In an effort to make paying parking tickets more convenient, we have installed courtesy payment boxes. Look for the black metal boxes marked "Parking Ticket Payments" located at:

  • 1st and Edwards
  • 2nd and Monroe
  • 4th and Washington
  • 7th and Mason

Payments are also accepted at the CWLP drive-up window and night depository, located on the south side of the Municipal Center West at 7th and Monroe.

  • Make checks payable to: City of Springfield
Credit card payments are also accepted online.
There is a service fee of 2.10% PLUS $0.25, per transaction, charged for using a debit or credit card. The fee for electronic checks is $0.50, per transaction. These fees are not charged or collected by the Springfield City Treasurer's Office, they are paid to a third party.

Click here to pay your tickets online.
(Please note, it will take two business days from the date your ticket was issued, before it will show up on line.)

Want to contest your parking ticket?

Want to contest your parking ticket? Fill out a parking ticket dispute form below:

Mail completed form to:

City of Springfield, City Treasurer's Office
Municipal Center West
300 South Seventh Street, Room 104
Springfield, IL 62701
or email it in to:

A Treasurer's Office representative will notify you regarding the results of your dispute.

Parking Violations

Click here for a list of Parking Violations with pictures and fine amounts.